We supply and install Fronius solar inverters and panels. Solar Power is a long term investment so it’s important to get a good quality products and installations. Our team of CEC Accredited electricians know about all the espects of solar installations and can help you choose the right system for your home

The Fronius Solar Inverter


The Fronius solar inverter fulfills every market requirement with the SnapINverter product line, from 1.5 kW to 27 kW. For both single family homes and big PV (photovoltaic) systems, the extensive SnapINverter portfolio has the ideal device.

Customers who choose the Fronius Solar Inverter enjoy both an attractive inverter that optimizes yield, and the quality guarantee of a firm that has been an industry leader for over seventy years. The Fronius ‘Lighter, Smarter, More Versatile’ SnapINverter product range is future proof and so much more.

Features of the Product

Monitor the System with WiFi

The SnapINverter product range from Fronius efficiently satisfies system monitoring and data communication requirements. A Datamanager is integrated to facilitate easy Internet connection through the Ethernet or wifi. Check up on your yield with your tablet, PC or smartphone for no additional expense.

Ready for the Smart Grid

With rises in the quantity of decentralised energy generators, the demand for an effective power

grid has never been higher. Pretty soon, grid operators will introduce new rules for local generators. This includes

PV systems. Nonetheless, the Fronius SnapINverter product range already adheres to these rules now.

Communication of Open Data

It’s a simple matter to link Fronius Solar inverters to third party supplier components. The open SunSpec

Modbus RS485 (RTU), JSON and TCP protocols offer a straightforward method of forming a data link to other systems – like SCADA, home automation and BMS.

Functions for Managing Energy

A function for managing energy is integrated into the Fronius Solar inverter. This means that you can regulate the flow of power sent to a particular electrical appliance, depending on the PV system’s power generation. This automated load shifting optimizes self use of the solar power created, which fast tracks payback.

Export Restriction

The Fronius Solar Inverter product range from Fronius, along with the Fronius Smart Meter, are configurable to attain a grid export restriction from -10 percent to 100 percent of the system ranking. The system simply needs a SnapINverter with a Fronius Smart Meter and integrated Datamanager.

The Service is Proactive

Taught by Fronius, FSPs (Fronius Service Partners) can manage a PV system remotely with Fronius Solar.web. Should a fault occur, FSPs are instantly notified so they can respond straightaway to maximize uptime. FSPs have many spare parts available to return a PV system to its’ operational state, with a single site visit. Also, because of Fronius’ monitoring prowess, FSPs can help with upgrading to bespoke battery solutions.