Jinko Solar panels are one of the worlds best selling solar modules. Solar Power is a long term investment so it’s important to get a good quality products and installations. Our team of CEC Accredited electricians know about all the espects of solar installations and can help you choose the right system for your home


Jinko Solar Panels
Jinko Solar Panels is a Chinese company producing cost effective tier 1 panels that are truly suitable for installation in virtually any location. In Australia, the panels they are now selling are salt mist corrosion resistant and come with a 10 year product warranty. In addition, they maintain an office in Australia so that they are immediately available to answer all questions and deal with any concerns that may come up.


This company, which is now one of the largest solar panel producers in the world, proudly offers a cost effective combination of price and reliability. Recently, they made public the fact they now have a panel manufacturing capacity of 6.5 gigawatts which means that they could produce in one year more solar PV then what Australia currently has.

In 2016, there are three companies competing to be the largest solar panel manufacturer and they are Jinko Solar, Canadian Solar and Trina Solar. Who makes it to the top is still in question but right now Canadian Solar appears to have a slight edge.

The founding of Jinko dates back to 2006. They went on to producing silicon ingots in 2007 and in 2008 began slicing them up tp become a silicon wafer producer. The next year, 2009, they transposed the wafers into solar cells and put them to use producing solar panels. They entered the stock market in 2010 to raise additional funds and the growth of the company accelerated.

Manufacturing Locations

In China, Jinko has two production facilities and in South Africa, Portugal and Malaysia they maintain one each. The Chinese facility has a massive capacity. At the factory in Malaysia, 450 megawatts of Jinko panels can be produced. In South Africa which is one of 5 solar plants in South Africa, they employ 250 locals and produce solar panels from imported parts. Over the past three years, in spite of it’s production capacity doubling, the workforce at Jinko has been maintained at about 15,000.

Jinko Panel Efficiency

Around 15.8% efficiency are the Jinko panels most commonly sold in Australia although the Jinko Honey M Plus type move up to 17.7% efficiency. And unlike other manufacturers, the ratings Jinko publishes are in fact totally accurate and verifiable.

Built In Optimisers Are In Jinko Smart Modules

Built in DC optimisers are included in Jinko smart modules. By reducing losses from soiling, shading and panel mismatch, output is maximized by these little bundles of electronics.

The bottom line here is that the Jinko panels are an ever improving cost effective reliable choice to be made when seeking high efficiency, quality solutions!