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Qcells Solar Panels Review
The Hanwha Q CELLS company is a big solar panel manufacturer. They produced 3.2 GW in 2015, which made them the fifth biggest tier one solar panel manufacturer during that year (providing you believe that GCL Systems were slacking off during 2015, and did not yet merit a tier one classification).


Q-Cells informed me that sales in 2016 are on course to shift their whole yearly capacity of 5.4 GW, which if correct, will improve their fifth place ranking in 2016.

Their tier one panels have a twelve year product guarantee, which is twenty percent longer than the ten year product guarantee most panels offer. There is a Hanwha Q CELLS office in Sydney, Australia. The panels they make are resistant to salt mist corrosion, so they can be installed anywhere. Currently, in October of 2016, they seem to have the cheapest per watt price of any panel carrying a twelve year or higher product guarantee.

Q-Cells Inverter Review – History of the Company

The Hanwha Group began in South Korea in 1952, and was originally called Hanwha Explosives Inc. It quickly grew into a big international conglomerate. They bought the German firm Q-Cells, along with its’ solar panel manufacturing facility in Malaysia and Germany, when it went insolvent during 2012. Also, they bought Solarfun, the panel manufacturer from China. To avoid being confused with a group of clowns, they altered the name of this company to Hanwha Solar One.

They combined both of these companies together, in February 2015, and launched a new company called Hanwha Q CELLS.

Locations for Manufacturing

Hanwha Q CELLS makes panels in China, Korea and Malaysia. In the past, they had a German production line, however they transported the equipment from this plant to Malaysia during 2012. This is why Hanwha Q CELLS never produces any German manufactured panels.

Some Deliberating Occurs in Germany

According to Hanwha Q CELLS, its’ Q CELLS panels are ‘German engineered’. Even though they do not make panels in Germany anymore, their development and research headquarters is based in that country. I’ve been reliably informed that they have more than 200 specialists there working to enhance the production and design of their solar panels.

In addition, Hanwha Q CELLS have three other development and research facilities worldwide. If you wonder where these facilities are situated, here’s what Hanwha Q CELLS CEO and Chairman, Seong Woo Nam, had to say regarding the recruitment of their new CTO (Chief Technology Officer) in 2016:

“We’re thrilled to have recruited Doctor Daniel Jeong….who has integrated our worldwide R&D teams situated in Malaysia, Germany, China and Korea following the 2015 merger between Hanwha SolarOne and former Hanwha Q CELLS”.